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Mary Lord - Star in the East I & II - An American Christmas

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Classical Guitar Music
A treat for our listeners:

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If you're interested in enjoying beautiful music and supporting artists of classical guitar music, that is what we are all about.

We accept submissions of quality classical guitar recordings of public domain and original music from classical guitarists in the northwest and beyond. Then we make them available for the general public to listen to free of charge on our radio stream Click Here to Listen. It's Free!.

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To support the station we now offer advertising.  A monthly ad will air about every half hour and benefits from reaching over 40,000 listener connections each month.

We'll contact you by email/phone when you place an order to take care of the details.

15 Second Spot - $15.00
30 Second Spot - $30.00
60 Second Spot - $60.00

Length & Duration of Spot

Classical Guitarists

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We would like your help in building the largest collection of classical guitar music in the northwest!

  Please contact us with for details on submitting recorded music. Basic guidelines are that the source of the music must be public domain or original composition and you must own all rights to the sound recording. By submitting you give us permission to air your music in regular rotation on our internet radio and add a link to your website so listeners can find you.

Please send a link to your downloadable music in mp3 format to

Please be patient with us as it may take a bit of time to review your submitted music and get it on the air.

Our current artist roster includes:

Jamie Balmer
Duo Orfeo - Jamie Balmer/Joseph Ricker
Peter Bodley
Rupert Boyd
William Buonocore/Neil Anderson
Keith Calmes
Olivia Chiang
David Cohen
Meredith Connie
Christoph Denoth
Brad DeRoche
Sam Desmet
Paul Ellis
Paul Erickson
Guillaume Gibert
Luke Honer
Eric Klein
Yuri Liberzon
Mary Lord
Kevin Lutke
Ronn McFarlane (Lute)
Michael Mckinney
Leon Muhudinov
Peter Nathaniel Oban pno - "pronounced piano"
Manu Odri
Rafael Padron
Dr. Joseph Palmer
Guitar Duo David Pedrick/Jeremy Hutson
Harry George Pellegrin
Warren Nicholson
Nick Peros (composer)/Michael Kolk (guitarist)
Mason Razavi
Adamya Sharma
Guitar/Flute Mariette Stephenson/Kelly Williamson
James Stewart
Marcus Rasseli
Alan Rinehart
Mathieu Touzot
Kenneth Turley
Frank Wallace
Guitar/Flute William Simcoe/Elisabeth Williams